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Book Review: Galilee


Galilee is a psychological horror thriller by D.L. Tracey. The story begins with Father Tommy Hickey being assigned to Saint Peter’s Parish in Galilee, Rhode Island, a fishing village with church that could only accommodate 50 people. He’s supposed to be an assistant to Father Gilday, but then upon his arrival, he learns that Father Gilday had died a few days ago, so he ends up replacing him. His hope for a huge parish to speak to a service of thousands of Catholics seems impossible with him stuck in Galilee and he’s disappointed. However, a series of bizarre cases makes him realize how much he is needed in Galilee as he ends up fighting demons through his strong faith.


Awesome story! At first, I didn’t like Father Tommy Hickey because the moment he arrived at his first parish, he had nothing but complains. But then I realized that even though he’s a priest, he’s just like any of us who has hopes and dreams. Also, it didn’t take him long to regret his lack of compassion and even shared that to all the people present during his first Holy Mass, redeeming himself as a respectable young priest.

There’s so much going on in this story: too many cats are dying, ghosts of people and a dog are haunting their own family, a killer fisherman is back from the dead, and there’s a demon too! Who wouldn’t keep on reading to find out how Tommy could save the people of Galilee from these very strange occurrences?

I’m giving this book 5 out of 5 stars. I love the inconceivable and mysterious flow of the story. It was unpredictable, gripping, and entertaining! I highly recommend this to readers who love horror thrillers.

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